Tuesday 22 July 2014

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 19th July

Last Saturday was Jane's (from Is That You Darling) photo an hour challenge for July. I'm quite chuffed I've managed to do it every month so far and I'm certainly planning to do it the rest of the year (regardless of whether my day is boring or interesting!).

I'd say the 19th July was one of the more interesting ones...

8am - Up bright and early with a packed breakfast ready to take with us out for the day.
Breakfast on the go

9am - On our way through the roads of Somerset down to the steam rally.
Driving through Somerset

10am - The rally opened at 10 but the amusement arcade was still closed as the people running it (my in laws) were still having their breakfast!
Closed up amusement arcade

11am - The organ is opened and ready for business.
Fairground organ

12pm - We get started playing some books of music, most of which are covered in gorgeous writing like this.
Fairground music

1pm - Choosing what to play next!
Books of music for the fairground organ

2pm - There's a little door just to the side of where we play the music, if we open the door, this is what we see...
Fairground organ

3pm - Still here, playing music.
Playing organ music

4pm - Yay, a break! My sister in law took over while me and Andrew went off in search of tea and cake.

5pm - Off to a local pub for a vintage vehicle road run. This was our method of transport - a 1948 Scammell Showtrac.
1948 Scammell Showtrac

6pm - Just a few people at the pub for the gathering!
Pub gathering

7pm - On our way home back to the steam rally site.
Scammell leaving the local pub

8pm - Time for dinner, the beer tent on site was doing a good line in cottage pie and veg which was very tasty!
Cottage pie

9pm - Back in the organ playing music again and watching the sun set over the field.
Sunset over the steam rally

10pm - This hymn is always stuck up inside the organ. It's 'God Be With You Till We Meet Again' aka. the 'Showman's Hymn' and it's always the last song played on the organ at the end of each night.
God be with you lyrics

11pm - Almost home!
Driving home

12pm - The last thing before bed - a cup of tea and the last few chapters of my current book.
Book and tea


Pop over to Jane's blog to see the date for August's challenge!


  1. What a wonderful day and fantastic photos! Although I need to know what you packed in that tupperware for breakfast; it's so intriguing! xxx

    1. Haha, two hard-boiled eggs and a couple of pitta breads filled with bacon and tomato ketchup! :-) xxx

  2. This looks like such a fun day! I love the idea of these posts however if I were to participate myself everything would be very samey same - routine. I'll happily nosey at other people's day though! Haha!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Go for it! All bloggers are nosy, so even what you think is mundane would be fascinating to everyone else! :-) xx

  3. Wow what a cool day! Enjoying the 'behind the scenes' pictures in the organ and of the music sheets :) xx

  4. What a full day you had! I hope you had a nice relaxing Sunday!

    See you on the 16th August :)

    1. Haha, yep we didn't do too much the day after! :-) xx


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