Sunday, 20 July 2014

An A-Z of Me - D

Dresses - It's fairly safe to say dresses are my absolute favourite item of clothing (even more so than shoes or bags). I'd like to say it's because they make me feel girly or pretty or some other such nonsense but to be honest, it's actually so I don't have to worry about colour co-ordination!

Ducks - My favourite animal, obvs. I don't know why really, they're just comical to watch, waddling along with their beaks nosing into everything. I remember feeding the ducks a lot when I was a child - maybe that's why?

De-cluttering - My parents live in a house like on one of those obsessive hoarding programmes so I grew up hating clutter, mess and untidiness. My bedroom used to be the sole room in the house that looked even vaguely normal and even at university, my flatmates couldn't believe how clean my room was. It annoys the hell of out Andrew though as I'll move and tidy away stuff that he's dropped around the house.

Dogs - I'm definitely more of a dog person than a cat person. If we had the time spare to look after one properly, we'd almost certainly welcome a Labrador into our home.

Drama - This and English Literature were my favourite subjects at school. Up to year 9 I think I was fairly shy and quiet - when I started studying GCSE Drama though, I don't think I became this massive extrovert or anything, but I certainly gained a heck of a lot of confidence in myself. My drama teacher, Ms Lewis definitely helped; she was an inspiration, always getting us to believe in ourselves and try just that little bit more.

Drawing - We had a choice for our GCSEs: either music, drama or art. I chose drama (which was one of the best choices I'd ever made) and gave up art and music at the age of 14. So the end result nowadays is that I can't draw to save my life!

What 'D' things sum you up?

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  1. My favourite animals are cows, which often gets me some strange looks, but ducks are definitely in my top five! Dylan does a very impressive quack, as well :) x

    1. Aww excellent! A 'quack' has got to be one of the best animal noises I reckon :-) xx

  2. We had the same choice for our GCSEs I think - I went with art. Dresses and de-cluttering would definitely be on my list, along with Dinosaurs (duh!), and dancing (I ruddy love dancing like a loon whenever opportunity strikes). xxx

    1. Ahh, the fact you chose Art shows! That's why you end up making loads of fabulous creative things and I have a pile of unstarted and half-finished craft projects! :-) xxx


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