Monday 10 March 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Munching - on some delicious burgers from Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Friday night started there followed a couple of hours later by a show at Komedia in Bath. Which leads on to...

Gourmet Burger Kitchen


Enjoying - five comedians in one top gig called The Great Big Comedy Night, held as part of the Bath Lit Fest. It was hosted by the festival's new artistic director, Viv Groskop and in celebration of International Womens Day (on Saturday) and Germaine Greer's 75th birthday (on Friday) it featured four up and coming female comedians plus one token male.

Great Big Comedy Night in Bath

So all for the cost of about £12 we had fab sets from Rachel Parris, Ellie Taylor, Bethan Roberts, Mary Bourke and thrown in for the sake of diversity, Mark Watson!

Basking - in the sunshine. Finally, some actual spring weather!

Clevedon Pier
We headed out to the seaside on Saturday (along with most of Bristol and Somerset, it seemed) and ended up in Clevedon where we ate lots of cake at a little tea shop in the town centre before strolling down the prom.

Cake and Hot Chocolate

Listening - to a Bath Lit Fest talk all about the books and TV series, Call The Midwife, with Philip Worth (the husband) and Susannah Hart (the daughter). They're both incredibly funny and it was fascinating to hear all about their views of the TV show. Philip did also confirm (much to the delight of everyone in the Guildhall listening) that there was definitely a fourth series and a Christmas special already commissioned! Yay!

What did you get up to at the weekend?
Hope you managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Those are some awesome looking burgers! Gotta love a huge layered burger for sure! Our weekend was spent driving around neighbours checking them out with the houses that are for sale - exciting start to our house buying mission!

    1. Ooh house buying - exciting times ahead! We've lived in our house just over 4 years but we still check out what's for sale - no harm in looking ;-) xx


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