Tuesday 25 March 2014

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 22nd March

The third photo an hour challenge of the year fell on Saturday 22nd March. The lovely Jane (from Is That You Darling) set the date and it's always great fun following everyone else on Instagram using the #photoanhour hashtag. If you haven't done one before, give it a go next month, it's great fun (even if you think your day's mundane) and on the day, it really is the more the merrier.
Saturday 22nd March wasn't quite as exciting as Saturday 22nd February - but we did manage to tick off rather a large amount of jobs in and around the house!

9am - A large amount of sunlight streaming through the windows, even though the forecast was to be rain!
 Sunlight and breakfast
10am - Bacon and onion sizzling away in the pan, ready for a Bacon and Eggs Kedgeree breakfast.

11am - Off down the local high street with a list of little jobs.
 Midsomer Norton High Street and Farringtons Farm Shop Cows
12pm - These cows were happily munching away over at Farringtons Farm Shop.

1pm - Farringtons Farm Shop also contains a little hair salon (Pigtails) so I popped in for a quick trim and tidy up.
New haircut and storage box clearout
2pm - Back home and carrying on with the last bit of kitchen cleaning - sorting out my mountain of storage boxes (and yep, those are all Chinese takeaway boxes...)

3pm - Andrew's out in the garden pruning an elder tree that's spent far too long growing in the wrong place.
 Elder tree pruning and cake baking
4pm - I baked a few fairy cakes for Andrew and his parents, who'd joined us to help with the tree-chopping.

5pm - This was my music of choice for tidying and sorting (Gwen Stefani, Muse and Glenn Miller). I'm not sure what someone would make of that mixture!
An interesting mix of CD music and fire in the chimenea
6pm - We chucked a load of bits of tree into the chimenea, it's one quick (and warm) way to get rid of it!

7pm - Back inside and finishing off the last bit of a blog post that should have been online about 3pm...
Blogging and TV programmes
8pm - Trying to choose what to watch first on our hard drive over dinner...

9pm - We went with the fantastically funny 'The Last Leg' (I think it's back on TV later in the year, yay!)
The Last Leg and cups of tea and horlicks
10pm - And it's beginning to get slightly worrying that every single month's Photo an Hour challenge ends with the same sort of picture (I'm only 31, not 61!) :-)

If you fancy giving it a go next month, hop on over to Jane's blog to see when the April's date will be. If you think you're likely to forget, let me know and I'll tweet you a reminder the day before!


  1. I had no idea that Farringtons had a hairdressers! Dave tells me (with a roll of the eyes) that I've walked past it the last umpteen times I've gone there. I swear that my eyes go into standby mode when I'm not driving!

    Your local high street is loads more picturesque than mine. I'm quite jealous!!

    1. They were very nice in the hairdressers - you kind of walk past it from the car park to the main entrance. Well worth a visit! :-) xx

  2. Thanks for joining in - it looks like a productive day even if it wasn't the most exciting one! We have to have those Saturdays every now and again where we just get stuff done :)

    15th April next month!

    1. Yep, at the end of the day though you do feel ever so pleased with yourself!
      I'll be there on the 15th - it's actually quite a busy day for me :-) xx

  3. It looks like quite a productive day. I love the chimenea.Really want one! And Gwen Stefani rocks. :)

    1. She really does! Fab in No Doubt and fab on her own :-)
      The chimnea was a birthday present a year or so ago - it hasn't had a lot of use yet though, we dfeinitely need to try and make more use of it this year :-) x

  4. I love Photo an Hour posts, because I am really nosey and like seeing what people get up to. I also really love your kettle :)

    I took photos throughout my day off last Monday, but never got around to writing the post! I like to think planning to write it makes me try to do something more interesting on those days though - no-one wants to see 10 photos of me in my pyjamas eating Marmite on toast!! :)
    P.S. Pigtails is the best name for a farm shop hairdressers EVER.

    1. Well I think you might just get away with 10 slightly differently angles of pyjamas and toast!
      Jane's chosen an weekday next month - 15th April - so I think everyone's pics will be a little bit different! :-) xxx


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