Sunday 1 December 2013

The Share Advent Tag

I love it when the blogging community leads you to discover new things and places.

I discovered Em from Oh Gosh back during 'blog every day in May' and have been following since
which led to...
where I read about...
which Em spotted...
over at Anna's Skin and Blister Blog.

Anna from Skin and Blister started a 'Share Advent Tag' with a list of 25 prompts throughout advent to get you in the festive mood. The rules are fairly simple - take part with as many or as little as you like by blogging, tweeting or instagramming whatever you think fits best that day (using #ShareAdvent to see how everyone else has interpreted it).

Share Advent Tag
I'm going to share an appropriate photo each day on Instagram and then do a round up every 5 days on here, plus one big summary on Boxing Day.
Hope everyone's starting to feel festive! :-)

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