Saturday 14 December 2013

Christmas in Cheltenham

The first Saturday in December we went on a work coach trip to Cheltenham to look round this Christmas markets. It's a place we've driven through many a time but never actually really stopped to have a good nosy around (the conclusion is that it's a bit like Bath!).
The coach dropped us off fairly early so we popped round the corner for a cheap and cheerful breakfast at Wetherspoons before starting off round the market stalls.
Wetherspoons breakfast
Guess which one of us had the big fatboy breakfast?
Thankfully it wasn't as busy as Bath Christmas Market - in Cheltenham you could actually make it to the front of the stalls and buy something!
As well as the usual very-pretty-but-overpriced stalls there was also a row of charity stalls which were much more appealing and we bought a few cakes and a jar of marmalade from the W.I. stall.
Cheltenham Christmas Market

Cheltenham Christmas Market
Choir at Cheltenham Christmas Market
We then headed round the charity shops and main town centre making a beeline for Tiger - a shop I'd heard lots about but never been into as there isn't one nearby to us. It was a bit of a slow shuffle round the store but I picked up a necklace, a duck hook, a bird decoration and some bird stickers.
Goodies from Tiger
Round the charity shops we stumbled across a set of vintage (or at least vintage-looking) Christmas trays - there were two of each design which we picked up and took home along with some festive coasters found in the bottom of a bric-a-brac basket.
Vintage Christmas Trays
The two shops we ended up spending the most money in were actually Poundland and Primark. I was on the lookout for cheap cake decorations and Christmas bits for our charity Festive Cake Sale and I was lured in by the pretty dresses for only £8 from Primark...
Primark dresses

Poundland Scandi Decorations
Have you been to Cheltenham before?


  1. Wetherspoons in Cheltenham is rather posh judging from their plates! I'll have to remember that their Christmas market is quieter than Bath's; I wimped out of going to Bath this year because of the complaints from stallholders about it being over-crowded. I get grumpy enough at the Mall on a Saturday :P

    It looks like a lovely day out and I love the vintage-y trays you found!!

    1. Bath's market was a nightmare from what I heard! Apparently the first weekend had 200 50-seater coaches turn up - that's 10,000 people just by coach, let alone all the people by car and train - madness! :-) x


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