Tuesday 10 December 2013

Share Advent Instagram Photos - Days 6 to 10

Share Advent Days 6-10
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6th December - Pyjama Picnic

KFC Dinner
(no pyjamas but a KFC picnic on the way to see Ed Byrne in Bristol)

7th December - Organise Your Photos from the Year

(didn't get round to sorting out photos; was too busy sorting out fabric instead!)

8th December - Spruce

Vintage Christmas tray
(our tree hadn't gone up yet so I took a pic of the holly on a vintage Christmas tray)

9th December - The Joy is in the Giving

Work Secret Santa presents
(Secret Santa presents at work!)

10th December - Childhood Memories

Playing Dress Up
(today was the winter graduation ceremonies for our students - we had a 'dress-up' photo booth for them to use which naturally, all us staff used as well. What kid (and what adult) doesn't like dressing up?) :-)

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