Monday 29 April 2013

Holiday Thrifting

Between Anglesey, Dublin, Llandudno, Bangor, Preston, Blackpool and Cleveleys I managed to drag Andrew round all manner of weird and wonderful charity shops - here's some of the dazzling treasures we found...

Red shoes
Red shoes by Via Buia via charity shop
I'm a sucker for a pair of red shoes - all because of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of the same name and the magical 1948 Powell and Pressburger film featuring Moira Shearer as the doomed ballerina. The red shoe fetish snowballed further after seeing the cornish theatre company, Kneehigh's mesmerizing production of the classic tale back in 2001. I think I ended up seeing the show about 6, maybe 7 times?
These shoes remind me of the same red shoes little girls used to wear to school.
Vintage looking tupperware
Unbranded storage box set via charity shop.
This set of retro-looking storage tubs were in a charity shop in Holyhead, Anglesey - reduced to £1.25
Vintage home management book
Vintage home management book
The Dairy Book of Home Management printed by the Milk Marketing Board in 1980 via charity shop
Andrew found this home management book for only £1 in Preston charity shop - not sure what he was trying to tell me?
1940's style tea dress
1940's-style green tea dress with pink/red flowers from Ethel Austin via charity shop
This pretty tea dress was in a charity shop in Bangor, North Wales. I think it should be teamed with cups of tea in vintage crockery and little lemon drizzle cakes.
Vintage red polka dor dress
Unbranded red polka dot sundress via charity shop
Found this 1970's sundress in a charity shop in Preston on their vintage rail. It's missing a belt and has one small hole but that's nothing that can't be fixed. It also has the magic words on the label - 'Made in England'
Clements Ribeiro jacket

Clements Ribeiro jacket
Green beaded kaftan-style top by Clements Ribeiro via charity shop
This top was in a huge charity shop in Cleveleys, just north of Blackpool - the sort where the clothes aren't sorted by size or by colour and you have to rummage for ages to find anything. But hidden away on a rail for only £1.99 was this beautiful Clements Ribeiro beaded top!
Bird themed scarf
Unbranded purple soft wool bird scarf via charity shop
I think this, by far was my favourite charity shop find of the holiday. It was on a rail of scarves in a Llandudno charity shop. It has birds all over it! That, mainly, was why I had to have it and I promptly wore it the rest of our day at the seaside.
Have you found anything interesting at the charity shops recently?

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