Wednesday 22 March 2017

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 19th November

November's photo an hour each year usually falls on a carnival day here in Somerset and this year was no different - it was the turn of Glastonbury town to host the parade.

Here's what the day looked like...

10am - A rare treat of a lie in.

11am - Unpacking the winter stuff from the previous evening's carnival in Wells and repacking for that evening's carnival in Glastonbury.

12pm - An hour or so of playing at nan and gramp's house and she's fast asleep.

1pm - Important toy post delivery.

2pm - Late lunch before heading out for the carnival.

3pm - Sleepy feet.

4pm - En route to Glastonbury.

5pm - Current view from the car.

6pm - Waiting.

7pm - Still raining. Still wet.

8pm - Watching the carnival floats.

9pm - Drying out after the carnival.

10pm - Waiting for traffic to clear before heading home.

11pm - Asleep after a soggy carnival evening!

Jane did the round up that month so for a list of all the photo-an-hour-ers (that should definitely be a word), head on over to her blog.

Also, check out what I was up to in...

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