Monday 13 March 2017

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 18th February

Another long-overdue photo an hour round-up; so overdue that March's photo an hour is actually this weekend.

So moving swiftly on, here's what Saturday 18th February looked like...

8am - First job of the day is always to empty the library...

9am - Making a start on my Blogger Book Club novel (clearly my books are more interesting than hers!)

10am - Breakfast starter.

11am - Ready to head out for a day trip.

12pm - On the move.

1pm - Destination reached!

2pm - A spot of lunch and playing first though.

3pm - Playtime.

4pm - Being dried roughly after swimming is apparently the best thing ever!

5pm - Well, it keeps her occupied on long car journeys!

6pm - Picked up some things from the shop on the way home (including these to do a spot of baking the next day).

7pm - We also picked up some Gary cheese!

8pm - The quickest she'd crawled all day (trying to get to me so I'd feed her to sleep).

9pm - Catching up on some TV while she's asleep.

10pm - And catching up on some important biscuit-eating!

This time we had 21 lovely people joining in:
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And of course, myself here on this post, plus on Instagram and Twitter :-)

March's photo an hour has come around quickly - it'll be this Saturday, the 18th!

Also, check out what I was up to in...


  1. Yikes, I'd better upload my Feb pics before Saturday then!

    1. I've added the link to your post to the list above! :-) xx

  2. I also joined in in February, but it's not important now :-)

    Spot the Dog! Those are some of the first books I ever remember reading!

    1. It's still important! I've added the link to your post to the list above :-) Spot is very cool; I remember reading him too when I was young :-) xx


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