Sunday, 4 September 2016

Styling the Little One (31 weeks old)

What have we been up to this week?

Monday and Tuesday
Same as last week, we didn't do much so the days were just spent in a nappy.

We went out to a Sensory Heaven group at a local children's centre which sadly was the very last one as the centre have decided to stop running it. Instead, they're going to run a 'play & explore' group at a different time and at a centre that's several miles away. #notimpressed
Dress: Mothercare (3-6 months)
Mess in the background: Mother's own

Baby Bounce & Rhyme at the library today.
Dress: Secondhand but originally Boden (3-6 months)
Tights: Lily and Dan at Aldi (3-6 months)

We didn't really do much today apart from going through her wardrobe to see what still fits and what she's grown out of.
Tshirt: TU at Sainsburys (3-6 months)
Trousers: Secondhand but originally Marks & Spencer (3-6 months)

Big day today, Lily's first visit to a carnival!
Long-sleeved vest: Secondhand but originally Next (6-9 months)
Dress: Secondhand but originally Next (3-6 months)
Tights:Lily and Dan at Aldi (3-6 months)

Lots of playing today and a little find first thing in the morning - a tooth!
Tshirt: Secondhand but originally George at Asda (0-3 months)
Dungarees: Secondhand but originally Marks & Spencer (3-6 months)

How's your week been?

Full credit goes to Helen from Treasure Every Moment - her 'week of style' post with daughter, Isabella inspired me to do the same with Lily :-)


  1. Awww, the puffin print dress on the Thursday was so cute! Lovely post. - Tasha


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