Saturday 3 September 2016

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 27th August

August's photo an hour challenge fell on the 27th - the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend. Andrew was down at the Great Dorset Steam Fair all week with his lorry; me and Lily joined him for the weekend.

Here's what the day looked like...

7am - Someone decided that it was a good idea to start playtime early.

8am - A quick nip to the loos.

9am - Early morning stroll.

10am - Breakfast!

11am - Post-brekkie snack.

12pm - Waiting for the rain to pass.

1pm - Themed nappy for a transport rally (even if the vehicles on it are a bit modern).

2pm - Listening to one of the organs.

3pm - New toy purchased from one of the stalls.

4pm - Watching some of the displays whilst waiting for Andrew to take his lorry round the show ring.

5pm - Family selfie whilst Andrew's driving round the ring.

6pm - Alfresco dinner.

7pm - Time to pack dinner away.

8pm - Off out for a walk round the show.

9pm - Showman's engine wheel.

10pm - Evening engines at Great Dorset Steam Fair.

This month we had 22 lovely people joining in:

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And of course, myself here on this post, plus on Instagram and Twitter :-)

Next month's photo an hour will be Saturday 24th September - we're off to one of the local carnivals so there might be a carnival float or two in next month's pictures!

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