Wednesday 19 February 2014

100 Happy Days #4

The fourth instalment of my attempt to catalogue 100 Happy Days... :-)
Monday 10th February

The first snowdrops have started blooming on campus.

Tuesday 11th February

Wetherspoons Hot Chocolate
You can't beat a Wetherspoons hot chocolate, spilling over with cream and all for less than £1.50.

Wednesday 12th February

Cleveland Pools Leaflet
Our workplace holds free public lectures every Wednesday and this week it was all about the historic Cleveland Pools in Bath.

Thursday 13th February

Tweeting Bird
An early Valentine's day present from Andrew - a little chirping bird! I think he's going to live in my conservatory. :-)

Friday 14th February

Lemon Polenta Cake and Hot Chocolate
A delicious Lemon Polenta Cake and Hot Chocolate with Andrew at a little cafe in Bristol.

Saturday 15th February

Ovitrelle Injection
The very last IVF injection! No more needles, yay!

Sunday 16th February

Calendar showing a drug free day
After 36 days of IVF drugs, I had one single drug free day before I had to start taking yet another drug.

Monday 17th February

Galaxy bar and hot water bottle
A very well-deserved whole Galaxy bar to myself after my operation that morning.

Tuesday 18th February

Farringtons Farm Shop fried breakfast
We had some good news from the embryologist that morning so we treated ourselves to a slap-up breakfast at Farringtons Farm Shop.

Wednesday 19th February
Tickets for the National Theatre Live screening
Finally got round to booking some tickets for a National Theatre live screening in May!

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  1. Good news from the embryologist makes me smile. (A lot.) I think you should have had egg transfer by now, so I hope you're doing well. Been thinking lots about you both xx

    1. Thanks Angela xx Embryo transfer was this morning - everything seemed to go to plan according to the embryologist and all we have to do over the next couple of weeks is play the hardest waiting game of all! :-) xx


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