Friday 26 July 2013

Here a Gromit, There a Gromit...

Warning - this post contains a lot of Gromits!
So my 'Gromit Unleashed' progress so far has taken me to all sorts of places across Bristol, including some locations I'd never been to before. There's 80 Gromits to find in total and so far I'm up to 41, with 39 still to find.
They've all been painted and decorated in different designs -  the problem is, there's so many of them and they're all so fab, it's hard to choose a favourite!
So instead, here's 36 of the Gromits we've found so far - in the form of a collage of Gromit faces!
If you're not a fan of the famous wise woofy, look away now...

Gromit faces
Sheepdog - The Green Gromit - Sir Gromit of Bristol
Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion - Salty Sea Dog - Vincent van Gromit
Sugar Plum - Tutan Gromit - The King

Gromit faces
A Close Shave - A Mandrill's Best Friend - aMazing Gromit
Blossom - Antique Rose - Bumble Boogie
Bark At E - Bushed - Butterfly

Gromit faces
Carosello - Dog Rose - Five A Day Dog
Doodles - Golden Gromit - Fish Tales
Gromitasaurus - Collarfull - Gromit Lightyear

Gromit faces
Groscar - Malago - It's Kraken, Gromit
Hero - Lancelot - Patch
Newshound - Grosmos - Poetry in Motion

And here are some of our faves...

Golden Gromit
Golden Gromit - he's simply fab, he's outside the Victoria Rooms in Bristol and is made of a mosaic of gold and silver squares which catch the sun and sparkle everywhere!

A Mandrill's Best Friend Gromit
A Mandrill's Best Friend - not hugely keen on this Gromit's design but I really like the way he's positioned just outside the entrance to Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Sir Gromit of Bristol Gromit
Sir Gromit of Bristol - another sparkly Gromit, he's found on the steps of St George's Hall and makes for a great picture with the entrance to hall behind.

Gromit Lightyear Gromit
Gromit Lightyear - there was a huge queue for this Gromit, he's in the Cabot Circus cinema and is designed by Pixar. I think Gromit is trying to emulate Laika!

Hero Gromit
Hero - it's superdog!

It's Kraken Gromit
It's Kraken, Gromit - I think this has to be my favourite so far, his collar looks like it's rusted metal with shells stuck all around it!

The Green Gromit
The Green Gromit - another one I'm not that keen on but I do love his backdrop!
All the posters have images on saying 'Have you seen this dog?' with the different Gromit designs.

The King (Elvis) Gromit
The King - it's Elvis Gromit!

Tutan Gromit
Tutan Gromit - I love his Egyptian design, although weren't Ancient Egyptians supposed to worship cats? :-)

Vincent van Gromit
Vincent van Gromit - look at his ear!

Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion Gromit
Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion - a homage to Bristol districts with great drawings all over him of some of the famous (and infamous) areas of Bristol. He's also got a really picturesque setting of Clifton Suspension Bridge in the background!

Salty Sea Dog Gromit
 Salty Sea Dog Gromit Tattoos
Salty Sea Dog - coming a close second to my favourite of It's Kraken, Gromit, it's pirate Gromit; complete with sailor jerry tattoos!
Carosello Gromit and Get Well Soon card
Carosello - unfortunately some idiots in Bristol decided to damage Carosello on his very first night out. So for a few days this 5ft high 'Get Well Soon' card was in his place until Carosello returned from his trip to the vets. Most of Bristol ended up signing the card!
More Gromits to come over the next month of so - you'll be fed up of them by September I'm sure!

Anyway, if there's any particular Gromit you'd like to see more pictures of, let me know. :-)



  1. My favourite is Isembark Kingdog Brunel, he's outside Temple Meads!

    1. He's one I haven't seen yet, but he's definately got my favourite name out of all 80 Gromits! We're off to Edinburgh by train next week so we're gonna get to the station a bit early and visit both the Gromits. :-) x


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