Sunday 26 May 2013

Day 26 - Fantasy Dinner Party

Day 26 of rosalilium’s 'blog every day in May' challenge
Fantasy Dinner Party
(Dinner Party Time - Who would you invite? What music is playing? What are you eating? Is there entertainment? Let your imagination go wild!)

Wow - let your imagination go wild - that's a very big topic, there's a lot of choice!

I'm going to assume the dinner party has 8 guests and hopefully I'm allowed to bring back a few people from the dead...

Me and Andrew also had a heated argument discussion about who to invite so we've decided to both have our own dinner parties.

First dinner party!
(and I apologise, it is a very random selection)

Duck's fantasy dinner party guests
Tim Minchin - Deborah Devonshire - Rowena Cade
Mike Shepherd - My friend M
Lorraine Pascale - Roger Deakin - Ed Byrne
(links to original sources above)

So I have Tim Minchin for his views, his music and just himself; Deborah Devonshire (the last Mitford sister) as I bet she could tell some tales about debutantes and her sisters; Rowena Cade (reincarnated), the amazing woman who built Cornwall's Minack Theatre in the 1920's; Mike Shepherd, founder of Cornwall's Kneehigh Theatre Company for his theatrical stories from the last 30+ years; My lovely friend M, for fabulous company; Lorraine Pascale for the catering; Roger Deakin (reincarnated) for his stories of living in the countryside and swimming Britain's rivers; and Ed Byrne for comedy and laughs.

Hopefully Tim would provide some music, Ed would make some jokes and Lorraine would bring her Glam Mac and Cheese.

Not sure how everyone would get on, but hey ho, it's my party!

And here is Andrew's - looks a bit different to mine!

Andrew's fantasy dinner party guests
Leonard Cheshire - Victoria Coren - Henry Royce
Ian Hislop - Agatha Christie
Tony Benn - Robert Stepenson - Nigella Lawson
(links to original sources above)

Methinks Andrew's dinner party is a tad more intellectual than mine!

Who would you choose for a fantasy dinner party?


  1. Oh boy, I've got seriously no clue who I'd invite! I do like your explanation why you'd invite the ones you chose, seems like a good choice!

    1. Aww, thank you! It was really difficult choosing - I wrote my list quite a lot of times before finally deciding :-) x

  2. I went for Deborah Devonshire too! I stuck exclusively to people who are still alive just to make it easier to narrow down!

    Janey x

    1. Great minds think alike, as they say! :-) I think she'd be fascinating, she's seen so much of life and experienced so many different things, she'd certainly have some tales to tell! :-) x


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