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Hello there, welcome to duck in a dress!

I'm Louisa, 34 years old and married to Andrew, living in the cider-drinking, carnival-loving Somerset countryside.
Having spent most of my teenage years with my hobbies being branded as ‘well sad’, my life is now apparently considered ‘well cool’ – so this is my lifestyle blog to record all those little things, shared experiences and places visited. 
duck in a dress at West Bay, Dorset

Why duck in a dress?

The name developed from my love of those feathered flappered creatures, my love of dresses, and the fact that Andrew reckons I’m nosy (i.e., I stick my beak into things), so duck in a dress fitted perfectly. After spending years being inspired by other lovely blogs, in March 2013 I tentatively took my own first steps into blogging.  

Mrs Duck


What do you blog about?
My life seems to revolve around steam rallies in the summer and Carnivals in the autumn. Andrew’s spent his life restoring a 1952 vintage lorry and I have a passion for all things fairground/seaside/circus; in fact anything to do with the social history of events and entertainments – you’ll find stuff like this often crops up!

Both of us are also involved with the annual Somerset illuminated Carnival season (Andrew was actually wearing face paint the night I met him) and I’ve been running another website since October 1999 showcasing photographs from all the processions in the autumn – Somerset and Wessex Carnival Photographs.
Some of our other hobbies range from charity shops to stand-up comedy, theatre to 50s style clothing, cakes to crafts, with a passing interest in the steampunk genre as well.

Carnival, Fairgrounds, Steam Rallies, Thrifting, Theatre
Anything else I should know?
As well as working full time, I’m currently studying to be a librarian, doing an MSc in Information and Library Studies with Aberystwyth University. The fact that I’m sometimes banging my head against a brick wall with assignments occasionally crops up on the blog.
I regularly overuse and abuse ( ), -, !, …, and J.
I have a self-set challenge called Read Around the UK, attempting to read one book set in every historical country of the UK (all 92 of them). If you’ve got any suggestions of what to read, feel free to comment, email or tweet me!
Me and Andrew had been together 11 years and married for almost 9, before we had our first child. It was highly unlikely we'd ever be able to conceive them naturally and we had two rounds of IVF treatment. Our first one was February 2014 and our second one was May 2014 but sadly both were unsuccessful, although we did manage to get a little frozen embryo from our second one. We then started the frozen embryo treatment in August 2014 but I managed to fracture my ankle the day before we were due to have the transfer. We had to spend 6 months waiting for my ankle to heal properly before we could start treatment again and then to everyone's surprise, our frozen embryo transfer in May 2015 actually worked! Our little one - Lily Cerys Langley - arrived on 26th January 2016.
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