Saturday 5 November 2016

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 29th October

Hello! Been a bit awol over the last couple of months really - combine being busy, a 9 month old who doesn't take long naps any more, a mini holiday in September and then an internet service which decided not to work for 3 weeks (yep, thanks TalkTalk...) and here we are, the beginning of November and a pile of draft posts which surprisingly enough, didn't write themselves.

I still managed to do the monthly photo an hour challenges on Instagram though! October's date was Saturday 29th - here's what the day looked like...

8am - Waiting on a phone call from BBC Radio Bristol who were interviewing me about our IVF journey as part of National Fertility Awareness Week. If you fancy a listen, you can hear it online at about 2 hours and 10 minutes in).

9am - A bit of playing before breakfast.

10am - The healthy bit of breakfast (the fry up was after!)

11am - Still eating...

12pm - All that eating tired her out!

1pm - Still asleep and I'm a bit trapped but I'm getting on okay with my book.

2pm - Running out of pictures to take (this is a gorgeous new throw from Primark).

3pm - Awake now and full of energy.

4pm - Early dinner!

5pm - Off out on a bus to a local lantern parade.

6pm - Start of the lantern parade.

7pm - Pumpkins!

8pm - On the bus home.

9pm - Late night snack :-)

This month we had 19 lovely people joining in:
Sharon from Sunshine and Celandines joined in on InstagramTwitter and on her blog
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And of course, myself here on this post, plus on Instagram and Twitter :-)

Next month's photo an hour day will be in two weeks, on Saturday 19th November. Hope you can join in!

Also, check out what I was up to in...


  1. Wow, seems like a great Saturday! I've never heard of a lantern parade before xx

  2. The lanterns and pumpkins look amazing!


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