Friday 1 July 2016

This Little Big Life: Lily's First Glastonbury

This Little Big Life is a weekly link-up started by Sarah and Louise - all about capturing the little moments which make up a big life from the previous weekend.

Saturday was all about the Kidzfield at Glastonbury Festival, playtimes and rhymetimes, snoozing through Art Garfunkel and Adele, and mud, lots and lots of mud.


Sunday was all about resting after two late nights (watching Muse on Friday and Adele on Saturday), a bit of playing and a lot of hosing down the pram.

Pop over to Sarah's blog and Louise's blog to see what they got up to...


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!x

  2. Lovely! My friend is a storyteller at Glastonbury and has been taking her daughter since she was tiny, too - it sounds so family friendly!

  3. Oh no, the poor Pram. It must have been amazing being able to take a little one to Glastonbury. If we lived closer I'd consider it. #thislittlebiglife


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