Friday 24 June 2016

This Little Big Life: Father's Day & Raspberries

Even though I don't get round to commenting on many blogs nowadays, I do still read an awful lot of them. One of my absolute favourites is run by the truly lovely Sarah over at Sarah Rooftops.

A few weeks ago I noticed herself and another blogger, Louise from Squished Blueberries (a new-to-me blog) had started a new link called 'This Little Big Life' - all about capturing the little moments (which make up a big life) from a weekend with the post going live the following Friday. That sounded like a lovely idea so I thought I'd join in.

Saturday was fairly quiet with a bit of TV watching and a bit of unpacking from our week in Cornwall. The big news was that someone learned to blow her version of a raspberry.

Sunday was Andrew's first Father's Day. I dressed Lily in an OTT 'Daddy' top, presents were handed over and we went for a drive ending up at a McDonald's (Andrew's choice!).

Pop over to Sarah's blog and Louise's blog to see what they got up to!



  1. I have to admit that I've been neither blogging or reading and have come back to be amazed by how a) big and b) beautiful Lily is! Where have the last few months gone???

  2. 20 weeks already?!

    Thanks so much for taking part - I especially like the reflection of you and Lily in the glass fronted cabinet.

  3. Lovely to meet you. I've been following Squished Blueberries since we both started bloggin around the same time. I really loved the concept of This Little Big Life and a new love of "home videos" aka video logs. So in the spirit of this little big life I am trying to make a video each week of my son. My son did raspberries for a day at about 5 months old. Now at 11 months he has taught himself to blow raspberries on me, it is hillarious but probably shouldnt allow it! I'll look forward to seeing more of you at #thislittlebiglife :)

  4. Oh the raspberries are so cute! Ernie is nearly 7 months and I don't think he's done raspberries yet. Lovely pictures and sounds like you had a great Father's day weekend. Thanks for joining in #ThisLittleBigLife


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