Monday 9 November 2015

Monday Round-Up

Life Lately
Saturday just gone saw the start of the big carnival processions. We went down to Bridgwater and strolled through the floats watching all the last minute preparations then watched the procession at 7pm.

On Sunday we took a trip with my brother to Burnham on Sea to look at the floats in the daylight and then watch the fireworks display in the evening (their carnival procession takes place this evening).

How's the Bump?
30 weeks tomorrow - which seems like such a huge number! Even though I'm not due til January, Andrew keeps nagging me to get my hospital bag packed anyway, just in case. We also bought a mattress for our cot; the cot frame itself is the one me and my brother had back in the 1980's, we just needed to buy the extra bits to go with it. On Sunday we're also off to a second-hand baby market in Frome to see what other bits and pieces we can pick up. And Findina seemed to like listening to all the music played by the floats at the carnivals - she kicked quite a bit (either that or she was thinking "jeez, not this again mum...")

Essential Reading
Sophie's tour of Lanhydrock cycle trails in Cornwall.
Katie's October round-up (complete with dinosaurs, cheesy pizza and a boiler/microwave kitten dress!)
Danielle's outfit post (complete with sunsets and a fab jumper).
Annie's amazing map top - made by her own fair hands!

Meal Planning Monday
Linking up with 'At Home with Mrs M'
Monday 9th - Something from a café or chip shop in Burnham on Sea before the carnival.
Tuesday 10th - Cumberland sausage casserole (done in the slow cooker)
Wednesday 11th - Cheese and bacon lasagne (which makes 6 portions, Wednesday and Thursday's dinner plus 2 portions in the freezer)
Thursday 12th - Cheese and bacon lasagne (as above).
Friday 13th - Something from a café in Weston Super Mare before the carnival.
Saturday 14th - A fry up for breakfast (my uncle is staying for the weekend) and then Lorraine Pascale's Glam Mac and Cheese for dinner (putting 2 portions in the freezer for a rainy day)
Sunday 15th - Bacon sandwiches (to be quick before heading out to the baby market) and possibly a takeaway for dinner (depending on whether my uncle is still with us or not).

How was your weekend?


  1. So exciting you are at 30 weeks! Amazing!x

  2. I am SO far behind with blogs, I'm so sorry! Cannot believe you are so far along already - I'm so excited for the little babe to be hear. I've already said it before but I'm over the moon for you guys.

    Oh and thank you for including my post! :D You're the sweetest.


  3. So now at 34/35 weeks? eep! That's so exciting. I hope all is well and you have a relaxing Christmas before the little one arrives.


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