Friday 3 January 2014

2014 - The Blogs to Watch

I only started blogging in March 2013 and I've really enjoyed sharing snippets of my life on here (I still can't quite believe people are actually interested in what I have to say!). Along the way, I've learned a lot, written far too much and met some absolutely lovely blogworld friends.

There's so many blogs I could recommend (visit my Blog Roll for a full list) but I thought I'd share some of the best blogs I've discovered - all lovely people who only started their current blog in 2013 but I thoroughly recommend keeping an eye on in 2014!
Little Apple Tree
Little Apple Tree Blog
I discovered Angela's blog back in the summer after taking part in Sunday evening's #lbloggers chat (which I really need to start making time for again). Based in Bristol, she discovers fabulous things to eat and do (Spicer + Cole, Warmley Waiting Room and Cox and Baloney are all on my list now) plus shares her adventures with lovely husband Dave and seriously cute son Lucas (check out their vadering!). Angela also makes the most amazing looking cakes (they put mine to shame) and is a long time Whovian so expect plenty of TARDIS-related things thrown in.

Lily Doughball
Lily Doughball Blog
Lily is definitely one cool Bristolian lady - for starters she lives on a boat, plus has what must be a...well...interesting photography job at Bath-based company, Love Honey. She can knit (which makes her pretty cool in my book...mental note to self: must learn to knit!) plus takes part in The Creative Initiative - a great way to challenge yourself to be that bit more crafty. Plus I'm going to be ever-grateful to Lily for introducing me to the delicious Bristol Bagel Boy!
Life Outside London
Life Outside London Blog
Michelle is absolutely lovely and you can't help but smile when you're reading her blog. She's definitely queen of innuendo and gets up to all sorts of scrapes both with and without her adorable puppies (no pun intended...) - Betty and Pete. Anytime you're feeling down, take a mosey around Michelle's blog and you'll be cheered up in no time!

Tales From The Finch's Beak
Tales From The Finch's Beak Blog
 I think I started following Josie's lovely blog back during the Blog Every Day in May challenge and then had the pleasure of actually meeting her at Rosalilium's Blognix event. She captures beautiful images with a firm interest in all things nature, wildlife and bird-related - I loved her photos from Winchester Cathedral's Symphony of Flowers exhibition back in July! Plus how could I pass by a fellow blogger with a bird-themed name?

Life's Cup Of Tea
Life's Cup of Tea Blog
Rosie's blog is just a lovely dip into everything - from food to craft and anything she comes across on her journey from graduate to real adult (a journey I did myself...gosh...10 years ago this year!). I love her recipes, crafts and bakes - all perfectly explained and photographed so much that even a novice crafter like myself could have a go. I've already bookmarked her DIY Advent Calendar and Mint Creams recipe for Christmas next year!


So there you go...five lovely ladies with five lovely blogs...go check them out!
I love finding new and old blogs to read so if you've any recommendations, feel free to comment below and I'll check them out myself.

p.s. Weirdly, I seem to be drawn to blogs beginning with 'L'!  :-)


  1. Nice to hear about new bloggers to read. I like the sound of the first one!

  2. Aside from my own blog - not sure if you're a follower ( Dib-Dab-Debs is one of my fav go to reads for sure (

    1. I've been a follower of yours for about 6 months Rachael! I'll pop over and check out Dib-Dab-Debs - it certainly has an interesting name! :-) x

  3. I love reading other people's suggestions for new blogs to read! I'm definitely going to check these out!

  4. You are so very adorable! Thank you.
    I've loved discovering your blog this/last year too, can't wait to follow your journey throu 2014!
    M x

    1. Aww thanks Michelle! I'm looking forward to following yours, Betty and Pete's adventures as well! :-) xx

  5. Ooh lovely list- definitely checking these ladies out! Xxx

  6. Do you think you're attracted to blogs beginning with L because your name begins with one, too? ;)

    Thanks so much for your lovely words, Louisa! It was so lovely to wake up and see nice things being written about me--like you, I still can't believe that people read and like my blog! Looking forward to following all of your adventures in 2014 and beyond! xx

    1. Haha, it might well be that!
      Glad you like it Angela, I've loved following your adventures and looking forward to what 2014 may bring for all of us! :-) xx

  7. I love finding new blogs read and this is a perfect way to do it! I love the fact that people are still starting blogs despite all the negativity around 'blogging being dead' yadda yadda yadda
    I was also pleased to see my little blog on your blog roll! Think you so very much!

    Jen x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

    1. Ahh thanks Jen! I agree, it's great that people are still starting up blogs in this day and age! :-) x


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