Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Midweek Hop - Start Singing The Blues

The other half's guest post - three songs (and their YouTube videos) on a theme...
(inspired by Desmond Carrington's 'The Music Goes Round')

Wurlitzer Jukebox
'Wurlitzer 1400' 1951 Jukebox

This weeks theme is...Start Singing The Blues
Inspired by well, we've probably all seen and heard about America and their financial/governmental problems -
so here's three songs celebrating the USA's glory days.
1. American Pie by Don McClean

Wouldn't we all drive our chevy to the levee?
'American Pie' entered the chart on 22nd January 1972 reaching Number 2. 

2. American Woman by Guess Who

Is the American women they're referring to, the Statue of Liberty?
'American Woman' entered the chart on 9th May 1970 reaching Number 45, and later that same month reached Number 19.

3. Living in America by James Brown

A bit late for a jukebox classic (although James Brown was a jukebox artist), but the song sums up the American dream!
'Living in America' entered the chart on 25th January 1986 reaching Number 5.

Happy listening!

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